We provide variety of painting services including residential painting, decorative painting, commercial painting, drywall repair and pressure washing.


Paul’s #1 Painting Services

  1. Residential Painting

  2. Decorative Painting

  3. Drywall Repairing

  4. Pressure Washing


Residential Painting

Paul’s Painting provides a variety of interior and exterior painting services for your house or residence. Know More…..


 Decorative Painting

We provide eye pleasing decorative as and per your demand and choices. Our skilled decorators will leave you spell bound. Know More….


Small Drywall Repair

If you need to get your drywall repaired, we can get that done for you. Our experts will do their job with such precision that nobody will be able to tell if there was any hole or roughness. Know More…..


Pressure Washing

Pressuring Washing is the removal of dirt on walls, rough paints e.t.c. Know More….